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Silicon Mix - Bambu Nutritive Hair Treatment 60oz


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Bamboo extract contains a natural product in order to nourish the hair and silicone for giving softness and shine. Prevents hair breakage and split ends.
Vitamins A, E, '' F '', H (biotin), H "Pro Vtamine B5 (panthenol), H8 (Inositol) and Horse Chestnut extract help improve the beauty of the hair, help to promote of its growth.

  • Nutritive Hair Treatment with bamboo extract to regenerate and nourish.
  • Vitamins E, C and F, Carthamus Oil and Almond Oil to improve the health and beauty of your hair.
  • Proven results on all hair types including natural or processed hair.
  • Works great on brittle and dull hair. Great detangling action.
  • Best results can be expected if used with Silicon Mix Shampoo Bambu. Can be followed with Silicon Mix Bambu Leave-in conditioner.


Wash the hair and massage the product. Leave to act for up to 3 minutes or more (is located on the condition of the hair). Then rinse