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DAX - Petroleum Jelly 3.5oz

door DAX

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DAX Petroleum Jelly is a premium quality, pure white, all purpose lubricant. It is ideal for application on skin irritation, chapped hands and great for make-up removal.

Petrolatum — – Skin protectant, creates an occlusive barrier to lock in moisture.

Usage Instructions:

Use on dry elbows and knees to lock in moisture and soften skin.
Use on clean wounds to prevent bacteria and other germs from getting in.
Use at night to help remove makeup.
Use on chapped lips to prevent cracking and lock moisture in.
Use between diaper changes to protect baby’s bottom from diaper rash.
Smooth a little on pulse points to prolong the scent of your perfume.
Shine your shoes and leather.
Coat feet with some petroleum jelly and put socks on overnight to soften calluses and soothe dryness.
Use as a lubricant for massages.
Apply to eyelids before eye shadow to make your favorite eye shadow pop.
Rub some on light bulb threads for easy removal later.
Put a little on squeaky hinges to stop squeaking.
Prevent the cap from sticking on your super glue or nail polish by applying a thin layer on the threads.
Apply along your hairline before dying your hair to prevent unwanted skin dying.


Apply to fresh burns. Because it creates an occlusive barrier, it will trap the heat from the burn and can make it much more painful.
Use with latex. Petroleum products weaken and can break down latex.
Ingest, apply directly to eyes or use near open flame. It is flammable at extremely high temperatures.