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DAX - Kocatah Dry Scalp Relief 14oz

door DAX

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DAX Kocatah PLUS is fortified with exotic Coconut Oil, Camphor, Menthol and a proprietary blend of ingredients to effectively help alleviate dry scalp, dandruff and itching. DAX Kocatah PLUS also helps reduce hair breakage, helping mend and minimize split ends. This soothing formula is a fusion of our original Dax Kocatah with added goodies to help promote a healthy scalp and hair.

Coconut Oil — Excellent natural conditioner that helps with hair growth and adds shine.
Camphor — Stimulates blood circulation to scalp which can help promote hair growth.
Menthol — Helps soothe and stimulate blood circulation to help promote healthy scalp and hair growth.
Proprietary Blend — For treatment of dandruff and dry, itchy scalp. Helps relieve itching and flaking.

Usage Instructions:

Apply desired amount to hair and scalp daily. After desired results are achieved, use Dax Pomade daily for styling and maintaining hair and scalp moisture.

Hair Type:

Dry scalp and hair
Straight, curly, or coarse hair structures
Any hair length

Expected Results:

Enhances hair strength
Reduces breakage
Adds moisture to hair and scalp
Soothes itching and flaking