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Creme of Nature - Argan Oil Strength & Shine Leave-in Conditioner 8.45oz


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To give your curls an enhanced look this product is the best formula. As in ingredients, water is the first ingredient and its combination with argon makes it the best formula for hydrating curls. It helps you to define your curls and make them smooth. The conditioner with the shinning spray helps you to style your hair with a single product. It helps to reduce frizz and it can be a favourite product for dry haired people. Here are some pros and cons of Argon oil style and shine foaming mousse:
• Due to its foaming formula, you can apply it very easily and thoroughly.
• If you have brittle hair then it is the best product.
• If you apply it, again and again, it can cause a build-up.
• The only problem other than build-up is that it has a very strong smell that is irritating for some people.