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Cantu - Accessoires Think Detangle Brush

door Cantu

Laat het me weten als het weer op voorraad is

"A more affordable and durable option than similar detangling brushes, Cantu's Detangle Ultra Glide Brush has fewer rows of bristles, which minimizes breakage and reduces snagging during the detangling process. The featured rubber base helps define curls, and the non-slip grip provides increased control while handling wet hair. To use, divide hair into sections, then start from the bottom and slowly work your way to the root. Repeat in each section. To experience minimum breakage, always begin detangling from the ends of hair, never from the root — style as desired. For best results, use with Cantu's Coil Calm Detangler. For a Wash & Go with perfect definition, follow general use instructions and allow hair to air dry, or use a diffuser for faster drying time and increased volume. Follow the Cantu Double Lift Pick for maximum quantity.

Features fewer bristles for easy detangling without breakage or snagging
The rubber base provides maximum hair definition
Non-slip grip provides increased control while handling wet hair
More affordable and durable than similar detangling brushes"