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African Pride Dream Kids - Miracle Creme 6oz

door Dream Kids
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African Pride DREAM KIDS Miracle Cream - 6oz jarFor a lifetime of strong beautifully healthy hair, start right with Olive Miracle Dream Kids. Our moisture-rich soothing kids formula contains the finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Herbal Extracts used for generations to help strengthen and protect hair. Miracle Creme gently pampers her delicate hair and scalp to help strengthen, moisturize and condition all day long. Anti-Breakage Hair StrengthenerRegular Use helps:
Reduce breakage and dryness
Gently softens hair
Boost healthy shineDirections: apply to hair and scalp as needed. Use a small amount on ends to prevent breakage.WARNING: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. HAIR BURNS, KEEP HAIR AWAY FROM FLAME AND EXCESSIVE HEAT.